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Ratan Studio Photography is well recognized for wedding photography in India. Who has a vast experience in all types of photography and offers unique, high end quality photo coverage for all kinds of special occasions. We pride ourselves in providing clients the best services and premium quality according to their requirements.

The fondness of the best days gone by, the fragrance of the moment when you held a hand and made promises, that sounds of the Trinkets that filled your life with the melodies..
All such Special Occasions will be incomplete if you don’t have us to bind it together for you in many different ways..

They say, that the depth of a moment is best understood by the most experienced vision..
We are extremely proud to possess that right amount of experience of 28 long years that would make sure that nothing goes missing and we end up capturing the most beautiful memories through the lenses of our incomparable experience in the city…

We have seen the city expanding it’s horizons.. We have catered people of different generations in this city and have build our name on the foundations of their trust.. That trust of those generations is guiding us just like the old heritage city has stood strong on it’s foundations yet acquiring new colours with each passing day..
We continue to stand out as the best premium photography studio of the city.. And the promises we make never really fade..

Sourced from Around the Globe

We at Ratan studio photography take care of every little details in order to understand the depth of a moment, understanding
each and every likes and dislike, Selection of attire, Shoot destinations, etc. to end up capturing the most beautiful moments through our lenses and create a hassle free

Our Designs

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Kursi Rd, near Gayatri
Lucknow (U.P.)


(+91) 9316161685
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M – F : 8am–5pm

Sat : 11am–6pm

Sun : Closed